Matt Masters

Matt Masters

Matt Masters is the Artist-in-Residence at cSPACE Eau Claire from July 2023-August 7th, 2023. 

About Matt

Matt Masters is a Calgary country and western singer and songwriter. For more than two decades Matt has worked in Calgary’s music community as an artist, a radio DJ, a club and festival booker and many other roles. He plays acoustic guitar and has a big voice that tells stories about Alberta’s past, present and future. Along with being a musician Matt is a successful entrepreneur and a one time playwright. Matt is married and has 3 kids.

Artist Statement

My plan is to make music in the community in a variety of ways. I’ll place myself in the space with an open door and an invitation for collaboration with those who venture inside. I’m inspired by the belief that all people have music inside of themselves and with a little bit of community, that music can be shared. I have a developing list of collaborators, and I anticipate a number of incidental visitors.

Get to know Matt

What excites you about the opportunity at cSPACE Eau Claire?

The little building lives on land that used to house the Old Spaghetti Factory restaurant. Years before it was a restaurant, the building was my dad’s architectural office. It’s where I had my first jobs. I remember sitting on the corner of 3rd and 3rd selling Olympic knock off sweatshirts in 1988. Around that same time, my dad designed the building that is now known as Devon tower. Three decades later, just before he died, my dad designed the skyscraper on the other side of the cSPACE Eau Claire, City Center. That means for my two week residency I’ll be sandwiched in between two of my dad’s biggest projects, while operating on land that was at one time very familiar to me. It’s a unique chance to reflect on my dad’s legacy and contemplate what I what to do with myself and my voice in the future. 

What does success look like for you?

Success for me is a mindset that I try to consistently occupy. I think I’m more experience focussed than results oriented. That I can practice my art professionally as a songwriter and musician in my community is its own level of success. My goal is to collaborate with people. To share a non traditional music space and build bridges through experience. 


I strive to be responsible for and responsive to my community. Music is my vehicle and I know that music is one of the foremost agents for social change. Accessible and inspirational engagement is something many of us long for. Simple shared listening is at the foundation of community. Indeed, it’s the first step in community building. 

What are your aspirations for Calgary as a Creative City?

To see itself for what it is. A global youngster with the energy, enthusiasm and passion of a prodigy. 

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

SONGS! I like to sing along with my children throughout the day. Singing about my place in the world grounds me and makes me happy. I also like playing soccer, cooking, watching mystery movies with my daughter and traveling.