CANVAS, an AUArts Collective

CANVAS, an AUArts Collective

November 13-26th, 2023

Three AUArts students transform the cSPACE Eau Claire Neighbourhood Hub into a blank CANVAS

In the last half of November the cSPACE Eau Claire neighbourhood hub welcomes an artist collective of students from AUArts. This cool trio of inspired artists answered our questions collectively, which seems appropriate. 

The Canvas residency is building a space where people feel comfortable exploring their creativity and interacting with art in a casual way. Artists AJ, Berlin, and Eva will use cSPACE Eau Claire as a blank canvas toto transform a pillow fort into a colourful exhibition space. During the first week the artists invite the public to set the stage by painting the walls. In the second week, the welcoming exhibition space will be utilized as a platform for more AUArts students to showcase their works. 

Artist Bios

AJ LaRiviere is a really cool artist currently based in calgary. AJ makes things that brings enjoyment to herself and thinks it’s an extra bonus when other people think it’s nice as well.

Berlin is a Calgary based artist, currently taking illustration at AUArts. Berlin likes working in a variety of mediums and loves exploring new ways of creating.

Éva is an incoming third year Illustration student at AUArts who loves the process of making hazy ideas into concrete things. Her practice is grounded in acrylic painting but has since expanded to collage, digital paintings, interactive work, and short animations.

Artist Statement

We want to give people a space where they can become more confident in their artistic abilities. We are hoping to demystify the artistic process for both ourselves and the public. By situating the work in a pillow fort, we hope to frame participation in a more childlike, non-judgemental, playful way. Personally, we hope to have fun and use this project as a major stepping stone for larger public engagement pieces.

We are excited to work as a collective and collaborate with the public. We are also eager to host accessible, non-intimidating art exhibitions that showcase our fellow student’s work. Success looks like engaging the public, people of all ages and artistic abilities, to create!

This is the largest scale piece any of us has made, and we are waiting with anticipation to see how it turns out. …The final outcome depends on guided participation. While we provide the environment and the tools, we do not know the final design.

What are your aspirations for Calgary as a Creative City? 

We would love it if Calgary’s art scene included more grass-roots, inclusive, creative spaces. We particularly believe in efforts from AUArts students to connect with communities and vice-versa. 

What’s something that brings you joy? What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

Being surrounded by creative people who care brings us joy. So do natural spaces, youtube tutorials, tea, baked goods, when you are driving and the perfect song comes on, a really good sauce, and pickles.

For a full list of events, see the cSPACE Eau Claire Calendar here.