Freedom Through Theatre

Freedom Through Theatre

cSPACE Eau Claire Residency
Freedom Through Theatre: Linda Kee
October 31-November 12, 2023

Linda Kee brings Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed to cSPACE Eau Claire

Freedom Through Theatre is a multi-faceted experience in how to explore and discover our own individual freedom towards the greater whole. Inspired by artist-activists such as Augusto Boal, founder of Theatre of the Oppressed and Forum Theatre, Freedom Through Theatre engages in arts-based learning; sharing diverse stories and exploring different ways that social transformation, community and individual wellness can be supported.

Linda Kee and her collaborators explore theatre-making, forum theatre facilitation and storytelling as vehicles to build healthier communities, relationships, and explore power dynamics.  


About the Project

The artist’s goal is to facilitate the process of an individual meeting themselves, connecting and learning about themselves and those around them, and hopefully have a good time doing it. To play; in a safe and supported space. Storytelling and the many ways it occurs is the oldest form of learning, and connecting. 

Linda Kee’s vision of this residency at the cSPACE Eau Claire Neighbourhood Hub is one of growth and expansion, an opportunity for the engagement of those who choose a life or career and the arts, with those who don’t consider themselves creative, towards a shared experience of the unknown. To be open and willing to see what is possible. 

Magpahayag (to usher in)

    • An experiment in Forum Theatre/Theatre of the Oppressed, Magpahayag is an inquiry into the power imbalances as experienced by the Filipinx-Canadian diaspora. This project features 4 Filipinx Actors and Linda Kee as Joker/Facilitator. 

Workshops and games 

    • For actors and non-actors, an experiential, and social exploration based on the work of theatre practitioner and activist Augusto Boal.
    • Synergy movement workshops to expand, build trust, connect and play.

Film Nights 

    • An opportunity to watch and listen to Augusto Boal (and guests) lectures and documentaries through the ‘Digital Theatre’ platform.


Artist Bio

Linda Kee is a second generation Filipina – Canadian, blessed to call Mohkinstsis home. She serves as an actor, a Theatre of the Oppressed Forum Theatre Facilitator, and a Teaching Artist, practicing Aesthetic Education and experiential learning to champion inclusivity and empowerment in learning environments. Linda bolsters her artistic practice with her yoga, synergy partner yoga, and moving meditation practice. In addition to acting on screen and on stage, Linda writes and produces independent cinema, to amplify melanated voices. She feels honored to share her love and passion for storytelling and the performing arts in exploring what it means to empower and build healthy communities.

As a theatre facilitator, actor, acting coach, yoga instructor and taoist meditation teacher in training, one of the things that brings me the greatest joy is to witness a person find their own personal freedom, and to discover and be conscious of one’s own individual contribution to the larger whole. 


Artist Statement

Through the work I do as an artist, actor, teaching artist, movement and wellness instructor, my intention is to express and explore how we practice these values of connection and collaboration, to build stronger and healthier communities. What excites and scares me at the same time are the endless possibilities of ways to activate the space.  A part of the unknown is not knowing who may come through the doors. The possibility of new connections, new relationships and new ideas. It is always, as they say, ‘scary’ for an artist, for anyone to put something out there – how will it be received? 

I must say, I believe I must be prepared to fail and to be witnessed in that failing. Perhaps if I do that, it will give permission to others to do the same.

The city of Calgary is filled with unique, Multi-talented, committed and highly skilled individuals and collectives, and some of these individuals leave the city to find more opportunity with the desire to thrive. Calgary will become a place for more opportunity, and the voices of the artists will be amplified.  In my experience, Calgary artists have big hearts, humility, and they practice consistently their craft.  This ‘heart’ energy needs to be nurtured, not abandoned. Then it will grow, it will be infectious.  This will form the heart-beat of the city.

On Joy

Fresh air, sunlight. trees. Music. Drumming. 

Moving water. Movement and stretching. 

Witnessing people expand. 

Being a part of a young persons journey. I have the privilege of instructing students at the U of C in Advanced Acting and Introduction to Acting courses. It is absolutely heart warming.



Visit the HUB from Oct. 31 – Nov. 12 for the chance to explore, grow, connect and create new possibilities through the craft of storytelling.

For a full list of events, see the cSPACE Eau Claire Calendar here.