February 2023:
Creative Intersections

February 2023:
Creative Intersections

James Watson and Jocelyn Mah enjoy Creative Intersections leading to a collaborative performance of dance and violin.

Artist Bios

Jocelyn Mah she/her

Born and raised in Calgary, Jocelyn is a graduate of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre and holds her Master of Arts in Contemporary Dance Performance from The London Contemporary Dance School (London, UK), with her thesis focusing on the relationship between music and dance in authentic and vernacular jazz forms. Jocelyn has performed for numerous independent artists and companies based in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and London, UK. Jocelyn was honoured to be the recipient of the inaugural Winchester Prize for Choreographic Distinction. Her lively choreography has been presented across Canada as well as in the UK and Europe. Jocelyn’s practice also includes music study, arts curation, puppetry and mask performance.

James Watson he/him 

James Watson is a new member of Calgary’s professional music community. He started playing the violin at the age of 7, and now, since completing his Bachelor of Music (minor in linguistics), he is a full-time freelance member of Calgary’s music community, working as a teacher, mentor, composer, recording, and performing artist, with new roles lurking around every corner. His stand-out work as the composer-in-residencies at the cSpace and GRAND theatres, respectively, provided his first platforms as a composer and sparked his enthusiasm. He’s also worked on recording projects which range from a JUNO-nominated orchestra album with Orchestre de la Francophonie to art-pop to originals. He has performed with the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra, Key 30 Orchestra, and Symphony of the Kootenays and is a founding member of Stringendo as well. Additionally, his diverse performing experience has led him to perform alongside accomplished musicians in varying fields, such as two-time Canadian Fiddle Champion Scott Woods, jazz legend Dr. Jeremy Brown and Calgary’s Timepoint Ensemble.

About the Collaboration

James and Jocelyn met while participating in the cSPACE Creative Incubator in 2021. Since then, they’ve become good buddies and now collaborators. They are grateful to cSPACE for the introductions! They both look forward to jamming in a low-pressure environment and growing ideas together.

For this residency they are creating a short work for the Festival of Animated Objects’ Dolly Wiggler Cabaret. It will be a music-movement collaboration including a Balinese mask generously lent to Jocelyn by the Festival’s producer Xstine Cook. They will be cooking up some other experiments too and will share what they’ve made on Saturday, February 25th at 1pm at the Hub.

Jocelyn believes cSPACE is summed up very well in its values of Creativity, Collaboration, Community, and Change. She sees in cSPACE a place where art and artists are fostered and encouraged, and community grows naturally.

Final Words

I want Calgary to be a HUB (get it?) of bubbling creativity, of all different mediums. My purpose is to contribute to making and supporting art in our city. — Jocelyn Mah


The power of friendship brings me joy. The exciting prospect that each new day brings with it an unknown potential for new experiences, self-improvement, etc. and the only thing between me and manifesting this is lifting the covers and getting out of bed. — James Watson

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Creative Intersections