Djewel’s Atomized

Djewel’s Atomized

Djewel’s Atomized Funhouse Spins Through December


EVENT: D’Jewel’s Atomized Funhouse
DATE & TIME: Daily in December (except Sunday) from 4pm-7pm

About the Atomized Funhouse DJ Experience

Each evening in December Djewel Davidson will DJ a different genre of music for about 3 hours (4pm-7pm daily except Sundays). Saturdays will be all genres together. On Saturday Dec. 17, the band, The Ex-Boyfriends will also play a live set.

Artist Bio

D’Jewel Davidson has been a local DJ since the early 90s, and lyricist/singer for several local bands since the early 80s (currently a member of The Ex-Boyfriends). A poet/performer for Action Poetry ’94 at the Banff Centre, Djewel has participated in several poetry readings, and self-published a few ‘zines of poetry (primarily Toothache) in the late 90s/early 00s. Djewel’s word-based art has been shown in group shows.

Artist Statement

DJ Djewel Davidson embarks on an epic, heroic misbegotten quest to please everyone. Cutting his teeth in the gritty after-hours scene during the 80’s at the White Elephant, Djewel brings a wealth of music knowledge to the cSPACE Eau Claire Community Hub. In this marathon performance art piece Djewel will complete 23 days of DJ’ing 23 genres of music punctuated with a live performance of his band, The Ex-Boyfriends. His peculiarities underscore community consultations in the hub for December, culminating in a funky disco party to end the year.

What excites you about the opportunity at cSPACE Eau Claire?

“Sending words and music out into the world. I have a very wide variety of music that I’d like to play to whoever’s interested, much of which I don’t get much opportunity to play at my regular gig. And, of course my band is always eager to play. It’s the perfect place and time, ’cause here and now is always the perfect place and time. By the end I will have DJed every day for a month (except Sundays when I DJ elsewhere) played a vary wide variety of musics, hopefully but not necessarily to a bunch of people who would otherwise never have been exposed to them. Success will be a nap when it’s over.”

What are your aspirations for Calgary as a Creative City? 

“I would like to see more way for artists, musicians, poets, etc. to do what they do without the marketplace being the only deciding factor. That would be quite nice. ” – Djewel Davidson

Daily in December (4pm-7pm)Music Theme
Thursday 8Bubblegum / Glam
Friday 9Country & Western
Saturday 10Funhouse
Sunday 11Go to Milk Tiger
Monday 12Metal
Tuesday 13Reggae/Ska/Dub
Wednesday 14Lounge
Thursday 15Rockabilly / Rhythm
Friday 16Punk
Saturday 17The Ex-Boyfriends/Funhouse
Sunday 18Go to Milk Tiger
Monday 19Sad Songs
Tuesday 20Rhythm & Blues/Soul
Wednesday 21Blues
Thursday 22Bollywood
Friday 23Xmas Songs That Don’t Suck
Saturday 24Closed for Some Sorta Seasonal Thang
Sunday 25See Above
Monday 26Electronic Dance
Tuesday 27Garage Rock (Monolingual)
Wednesday 28Garage Rock (Multilingual)
Thursday 29Jazz
Friday 30Classical/Opera/Minimalist
Saturday 31Disco/Funk