Eau Claire Artists:
Paige Harris
Gladzy Kei

Eau Claire Artists:
Paige Harris
Gladzy Kei

Meet an Eau Claire Artist: Gladzy Kei (she/her) and Paige Harris (she/her)

cSPACE Eau Claire Neighborhood Hub Signage Project

cSPACE Eau Claire Residency
November 9-18, 2022


Artist Bio – Paige Harris

Paige Harris is a Canadian artist and entrepreneur based in Calgary, Alberta. She spends most of her days making pottery, sculptures, paintings, music, and friends. She is also the owner and operator of SunDay Ceramics and has earned her bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture from the Alberta College of Art + Design.

She uses a variety of wheel-thrown and hand-building techniques to produce colourful and whimsical pottery with sculpted elements. Her sculpture and painting practice however leans toward more daunting concepts of trauma, individuality, and mental health awareness.

Artist Bio – Gladzy Kei

Gladzy Kei is a Filipino-Canadian contemporary muralist and illustrator from Calgary, AB. She is an advocate of female empowerment and is passionate about amplifying the voices of minorities, including her Filipino culture. Her character designs and mural work use contemporary colours and whimsical shapes to tell their stories.

Gladzy has worked with a wide range of local and international clients, from restaurants, clothing stores, and galleries. She has participated in mural festivals like YYC Bump and Northern Reflections Window Exhibition. Gladzy is also one of the inaugural artists for 2021 cSPACE Creative Incubator Initiative and has been interviewed by CBC Calgary about her cosplay and sculpture work.

Artist Statement

Gladzy and Paige are working on creating new signage for the cSPACE Eau Claire Neighbourhood Hub. Its vibrancy reflects the diversity and liveliness of the Eau Claire community. Residents of Eau Claire and the surrounding area have been asked to bring a piece of wood that will contribute to the sign. These pieces of wood are then layered for additional depth and texture to make the signage look like a low-relief sculptural piece.

These two love being able to create something beautiful in a new space. cSPACE Eau Claire is providing an opportunity for her and fellow artists to create a colourful collaborative art piece with the community. The signage is designed with happy colours to attract the attention of passers-by so more people will become aware of this new community space. 

What excites you about the opportunity at cSPACE Eau Claire?

“This residency has been an incredible opportunity for growth, collaboration, and change. The art community is a small one here in Calgary, and it can be intimidating to put yourself out there, make connections, and present yourself and your work in the best way possible. That’s why this residency and other opportunities are so important for young and emerging artists here in Calgary.” — Paige Harris


“We hope that the signage we make can inspire the community and fellow artists to create something awesome together.” — Gladzy Kei


What are your aspirations for Calgary as a Creative City? 

“Hopefully, we can have the opportunity to create more public art, as it is also a fun way to bring people together. It also brightens up the city, especially since we mostly get cold winter months. Having more public art can add color and happiness to people who pass by the city. Art can make people feel happy!” — Gladzy Kei


I think that Calgary is slowly getting more and more opportunities for artists but we still have a long way to go. Calgary needs more affordable studio spaces, and residencies, and could always use more public art. I can see countless possibilities that can inject the city with more art, artists, and a greater sense of community.” — Paige Harris


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