Priscilla Cherry hosts The Oratory

Priscilla Cherry hosts The Oratory

Priscilla Cherry hosts The Oratory

About the Artist

Afro-Trinidadian-Canadian, Priscilla Cherry (she/elle), is a free-spirited host artist and joy activist with a passion for people and loves to collaborate creatively with equally uplifting energies.

Feeling a representation gap for bi-racialality in the media and mental health sector, Priscilla applied her lived experience navigating mental health concerns, and combined it with her studies in broadcasting and passion for storytelling. Having worked with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Entertainment Tonight Canada, and Telus STORYHIVE, Priscilla amalgamates her love for play, creativity and spirituality by creating content and co-facilitating workshops and events all in the hopes of sharing the relational message of; “we are all ancestors in the making.”

Priscilla co-chairs TEDxYYC in her hometown of Mo’kin’tsis, and is focused on bringing forth under-told and mis-told stories from Racialized communities. In her spare time, Priscilla volunteers as an on-air programmer at CJSW 90.9 FM and co-hosts a weekly neo-soul and afrobeat morning talk and music show called Soular Power. As a certified mental health peer supporter and media creative, Priscilla firmly believes in the art of hosting; the healing power of sharing our lived experiences and personal narratives; and that everyone has something to share that someone else would want to hear.

Artist Statement

Whether it’s goosebumps, ‘a feeling’ or ‘spidey senses’, there’s no denying that humans are hardwired for connection – to each other, with ourselves and the beyond. Think Saturday Night Live, meets your favourite late-night talk show, sprinkled with experiential learning; welcome to “The Oratory”. This live and online-streamed interactive talk show invites you to spectate, participate and create all in the name of tangible and radical healing through the arts, play, and storytelling. Every week our house band, Roby Misterdrums and the Key 30 Orchestra sets the tone alongside our weekly guest-in-residence including astrologer and musician, Becka Mutate; interdisciplinary performance maker, movement educator and arts worker, Pam Tzeng, and; community builder, play activist and founder of Recess Calgary, Tyson Bankert. At the start of each show, we set an intention, followed by a guided conversation with the guest-in-residence of the week, we then actively engage through the practice and creation of a healing tool, game or activity shared by the guest-in-residence, and we conclude the show with a sharing circle, closing ceremony, a song from the band and open mingling for continued exchange.

What will you learn and share at The Oratory? Give yourself permission to heal and embark on a curated journey as we set out to ‘practice what we post’. Trust yourself. Trust the process. All you have to do is show up at The Oratory!

What excites me about the opportunity at cSPACE Eau Claire is the realization of a childhood dream to host a talk show, coming to fruition, in the backyard of Moh’kins’tsis where I was born and raised! My mom says that when I was little, I would line up my toys in the form of an audience and interview them one by one and that the one thing I always got in trouble for in school was chatting a little too much during quiet time. Every time.

Though I’ve been facilitating, hosting and creating for almost ten years now, it’s only recently that I’ve embraced and recognized myself as an artist. cSPACE Eau Claire is validating my experience navigating a sector that I did not always feel a part of, that I belonged to or was even welcomed as a bi-racial woman with mental health concerns and multiple hyphens. Let’s just say that little Priscilla is big girl screaming, and I believe my multiple hyphens just mean I can connect and relate to that many more folks.

I am an aunty, cousin, daughter, friend, partner, activist, artist, caretaker, change agent, community organizer, creator, connector, event producer, facilitator, foodie, global soul, idea generator, music-lover, scooter-lover, peer supporter, procrastinator, project manager, recovering perfectionist social innovator and entrepreneur, and as adrienne maree brown shares, “a multi-racial lover of life”!

I am passionate about anti-oppression; anti-racism; arts & creativity; creative placemaking; validating lived experience; normalizing mental health; amplifying play and joy as acts of resistance; relational learning; somatic abolitionism; spirituality and philosophy; storytelling; leaving this earth better than I arrived and becoming a better ancestor.

Hopes and dreams for #YYC
To continue being a creative city, tap into that childlike whimsy and recognize that we may not all be artists, but I believe everyone is creative for the mere fact we have all
been created. Art relates to everything. My favourite quote about the arts is: “Earth without art is just ‘eh’.”

What’s something that brings you joy? What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Oat chai lattés, pizza, salted caramel ice cream from Village, music festivals, rollerblading, an invitation to watch a movie or to play an intense game of chaturanga (chess).

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