Lasso the Moon

Lasso the Moon

Spotlight: Lasso the Moon in residence at Eau Claire neighbourhood hub

SHOWCASE – Walk Through Someone’s Dream

Friday December 2
Saturday December 3

Entry by Food Bank donation or $5.00

Lasso the Moon
cSPACE Eau Claire Residency
November 21-December 5

Artist Bio

Driven by a deep curiosity and a dry sense of humour, multi-disciplinary artists Cosmo Christoffersen (they/them) and Maezy Reign form the collective Lasso the Moon. A Mohkinstis-based artist collective that explores intersectional identities and experiences through an immersive, collaborative art practice, they are currently working on the Dream Field project. In addition to their regular practice, they derive great joy from writing and reading each other’s poetry. 

Artist Statement

Cosmo and Maezy feel their value as artists lie in creating innovative, collaborative work that reflects marginalized experiences and identities. They strive to create work that doesn’t fit within the bounds of the environments we see around themselves. Their work is based on poetry that can grow and blossom into another form while still using external input and inspiration. 

About Dream Field

Dream Field lets audience members walk through someone else’s dream—or lets others walk through their dreams. Anyone can submit their dreams, in written or audio form, to the artists who will use submissions to create a dream world. This world will invite the audience to walk through and absorb everything at their own pace. No two audience members will walk away with the same experience, emotions, or memories—it is entirely subjective. Dream Field is created by Lasso the Moon collective, whose goal is to immerse audiences in a one-of-a-kind experience. Post-pandemic, this project will allow the artists and audience to form unique connections with one another.

At the end of the current residency, Lasso the Moon will have completed the first iteration of Dream Field. Development work includes collaborating with community members, and culminates in a performance piece. After the residency, the artists intend to continue developing and performing Dream Field  in the future. 

What excites you about the opportunity at cSPACE Eau Claire?

“We are excited to have a space to create our work while allowing members of the community come and witness the creative process or even become part of the process. As well, it is inspiring to be able to make art in a historic space!” – Cosmo Christofferson

What are your aspirations for Calgary as a Creative City? 

“We hope that Calgary gains more recognition as a creative hub because of all the fantastic artists in the city that are often overlooked in the national landscape.” – Cosmo Christofferson




Photo credit: Emily Machan